February 22, 2024

12 Most Refreshing Forest Garden Ideas For Indoors

The indoor forest trend has become part of their lifestyle, especially for those living in urban areas where limited land is one of the main problems. No matter how small the area you have, get the jungle and exotic nature in the room. Then how is there an easy way to do it? From potted plants, vertical gardens, palm trees, jungles, to a refreshing tropical feel.

Think about which plants will best suit your space. Choose carefully, based on the style, height, and size you need. In addition, the placement of plants must be suitable to maximize growth, for example, choose plants that require sunlight for open spaces or if you want to place them near a natural light source. On the other hand, sunless types of plants would be great for more enclosed spaces.

Needless to say, we’ve rounded up some of the most refreshing forest garden ideas to create a zen effect indoors. Please scroll down and find out which is your favorite!

1. A lush indoor garden

Fill your interior with various types of plants that are quite lush, from floor to ceiling which emphasizes the impression of the outdoors.


2. The atmosphere of eating like outdoors

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying an outdoor dining setting. And if that’s not possible, fill your dining area with light and a variety of plants galore.


3. Layout

The key to successfully creating a jungle atmosphere indoors is the layout. Set up comfortable chairs and take advantage of XXL’s wide variety of plants to make it feel like being in nature.


4. Relaxed boho style

For an aesthetic and relaxed look, I placed a rattan reading chair with a rug on the tropical terrace.


5. Forest under the stairs

I want every space to actually be useful, even the smallest area under the stairs can be a refreshing green oasis.


6. Natural green alley

What’s more fun than walking down the halls of a home with a natural forest feel? Decorate even the smallest hallway with your favorite types of houseplants.


7. Plant XXL

I brought the jungle into my home with a variety of XXL plants that give a little tropical touch to the corner of the room.


8. A window opens

Any plant will thrive indoors when you position it properly. As closest to sunlight, either the walls or windows open to allow in more natural light.


9. Sleep is getting better

Bringing nature into the bedroom is the best choice for a more quality rest time.


10. Green walls

I’ve always loved decorating a room by creating a lovely green wall for a guaranteed zen effect.


11. Exposed brick

Give a bit of an industrial touch to one of the walls with exposed brick. The decoration best matches the natural green look.


12. The right room setting angle

From simple pots to intricate looking wall shelving units. This nook is my favorite when it comes to plant storage solutions.


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