45 Most Beautiful Rooftop Garden Ideas For Your Urban Life

For those of you who live in urban areas it will be difficult to find a green park that is cool and fresh, even if there is maybe you should go a few kilometers just to be able to find a city park. But for those who are lucky enough, you can take advantage of the empty space above your building which can be transformed into an amazing roof garden design. This may require a little creativity, because building a garden or not is as easy as planting a hedge at home, but with creative ideas, good planning and structuring, you can have your own garden in the middle of a crowded urban area. I think it is truly amazing to be on the building while enjoying the green landscape and the always busy view of the city.

Rooftop garden is not only designed for private areas, you also use it as a very pleasant outdoor dining area, a spectacular living room area or just to channel your hobby in gardening. Some spice and vegetable plants can grow well above the building because they will be exposed to direct sunlight, only use ordinary plant pots or wooden crates as a place for you to grow vegetables. Rooftop garden design gives your own green space that may not be owned by those in urban areas, while you may love the environment by making the air cooler. Prepare start the journey from your roof and I hope the incredible photographs will inspire you in determining rooftop garden design of your dreams.

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