October 27, 2021

12 Functional Ways To Use Bamboo Into Your Decor

Bamboo is often associated with tropical style because this plant usually grows in tropical areas. If you ever vacation in countries with tropical climates, furniture and decorations of bamboo may have not a stranger. This material is very functional and less expensive than having to use wood, and the great thing is that bamboo can do more than you think.

Interior design continues to experience demand for sustainable design and environmentally friendly material choices. Besides wood, bamboo is one of the materials that has the least environmental impact. Bamboo not only adds to the aesthetics of the room but is also safe to use for the whole family. This material includes materials that are eco-friendly or do not damage the environment.

You can create the feel of holiday home while keeping any family members who have loved. Below you will find various collections of furniture, accessories, and decorations that you can build with bamboo. The most creative idea of using bamboo together. See the many possibilities and get inspired.

1. A bamboo bed, apart from having a unique design, also feels like a vacation. Using bamboo material that is sturdy and can last a long time.


2. This idea is very creative by using bamboo as a plant accessory. Place it in front of the entrance as a welcome greeting.


3. For those of you who need additional privacy, you can use bamboo for wall dividers. Place it near a reading corner or area where you usually relax.


4. A pendant lamp made of bamboo is a cool way to add theme to an interior. You can put it on the dining table to enliven the atmosphere.


5. Turning bamboo into furniture is the best choice. Use a bamboo dining table set and place it outdoors for a different dining atmosphere.


6. Bamboo as storage is the most common way. Choose bamboo racks that can hold shoes hang clothes or towels at the same time in the same place.


7. Love the bohemian style? Besides you can place a bamboo ladder shelf, you can also add other bamboo elements to add to the aesthetic impression.


8. Enjoy the sensation of bathing with a bamboo bathroom design that is integrated with the outdoors. It is suitable for those of you who want a holiday atmosphere around the house.


9. If you think the bamboo bed is too much. You can still add bamboo accents to the bedroom, one of which is by making a bamboo headboard.


10. Design of a bamboo ladder in addition to its unique look also adds an extra safety wall for families.


11. Love tropical gardens? You can build a gazebo with a bamboo roof in the middle of the garden as a favorite area for friends and family.


12. This DIY bamboo rack triangular equipped with multipurpose shelf. You can store books to ornamental plants in this area as part of the decoration.


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