How To Make Mini Aquarium Made From Glass And Vases

A house that is fresh and natural always makes the owner feel at home, and the best way to make this happen is to bring natural nuances into the room. However, not everyone is lucky to have a large room, the reason for this is the limited space that makes many people reluctant to decorate their home with a green and fresh look. You can use a small room to be more refreshing, and not only with plants, you can even bring water features and fish in one handy little container. Today I want to invite you to create a DIY mini aquarium made of glass and vases. So, get your gear ready and get creative with this awesome project.

A small room can not limit you to do things that are unexpected. DIY mini aquarium is not only easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money but it will also increase your creativity. Starting from changing glass cups to making flower vases with beautiful fish. Here are mini aquaria ideas that you should know!


Basically aquarium made of glass and leak-proof, the principle is similar to glass that can also hold water. So, why don’t we try to use glass made of glass to create a mini aquarium? Not only a regular glass for drinking utensils, you can also use a mason jar or bottle which has a larger size. Create a mini ecosystem in the glass, such as adding water plants, fish and if necessary additional lighting if you want to make it part of the decoration.

Flower vase

Everyone must be a vase of flowers, whether it’s on the living room table, on the desk, or in another part of the room. This time we will try to explore with ornamental plants and fish. Types of indoor plants also need to be adjusted, usually plants that can live her water as betel and peace lily. This plant is very suitable to be placed in a transparent flower vase, and you can keep some fish there. Although the best fish choices are betta fish or other small fish.

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