10 Antique And Stylish Decor With Rattan Furniture

Want to bring an antique but stylish impression into the room? Try placing rattan furniture which is now back in vogue. Currently rattan is one of the popular materials to be created into various kinds of furniture. The shape that seems natural and tends to be elastic makes rattan easier to form as part of the decoration. Rattan is a raw material for making various types of furniture that can give a relaxed impression like a vacation at home. Starting from household furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, to other accessories that make the room look aesthetic.

Besides looking beautiful, rattan also includes furniture with very strong durability. That is why many people prefer rattan as furniture rather than wooden ones. Rattan has become a new furniture trend that continues to grow and is popularized by many people. Today I have collected 10 room decorations with rattan furniture for you to inspire. Please scroll down and find your favorite!

1. If you like a tropical nuanced room, maybe you can apply this choice of rattan furniture sets to your home. Consists of a set of tables and chairs, a wardrobe, and a chandelier.


2. A standing rattan cupboard with open storage shelves can be a great addition to your interior style. The minimalist impression looks more natural by placing beautiful houseplants.

3. Not only as a table, add rattan as your privacy area while working. In addition to helping you focus more on work, this area can also be a storage area for hanging small objects.

4. There is a modern and antique feel to this rattan sofa chair. The combination of natural rattan looks comfortable with green foam made of velvet. Put them in the living room to beautify your room.

5. Rattan wall shelves are always the main attraction. It can be very multifunctional because you can make it a magazine rack as well as part of the wall d├ęcor.

6. Bring the feel of a tropical vacation to the bedroom with a large rattan wardrobe. A landscape painting also adds a relaxed impression to the room.

7. Rattan chandelier is the right solution to make any room look aesthetic. Use a rattan chandelier with lighting that is not too bright to give the interior a comfortable feel.

8. If your house applies an open concept that doesn’t have too many partitions, you can still divide it by placing a room divider made of rattan. In addition to making the room more beautiful, this room divider is also practical because it is easy to move.

9. Want to bring a unique look to the bedroom? Try to make a headboard made of rattan that makes you feel comfortable. Add a holiday-style wall hanging to complete the decor.

10. Put your antique collections in a vintage-style rattan cabinet. It could be your choice if you are bored with modern-style shelves.

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