Archipelago House For Private Summer Residence

Located in Sweden unspoiled beaches and rocky, Norm architects have designed a summer house Archipelago with coated wood building methods are rooted in the Nordic and Japanese design philosophy. Modern holiday home that covers all aspects of family life. The wooden structure looks harmonious with the natural surroundings and takes inspiration from local buildings found in houseboats on the rocky coast. Standing firmly on a cliff, this house consists of four wooden volumes interlocked and connected by a terraced wooden deck following a sloping plot.

The use of natural materials as part of a symbolic interior scheme to reflect the environment in it. When looking into the landscape, you can see the moss-covered rocks and grassy color into the kitchen, living room and dining room. Slightly different from the other rooms, the bathroom is darkened, clad in gloomy stone with the same dark fixtures to reflect the natural surroundings.

This house also has some special collections that Norm Architects designed for the project. Their club chairs look adorable in the living room, produced by Karimoku as part of the Karimoku case study. Norm book boxes ‘N-BB01’ also designed by Norm Architects.

Clean lines look very simple. The Vipp kitchen was chosen to create a serene feel, supported by a body-tall wood workshop also seen in the living room, in keeping with Norm Architects’ goal of reducing clutter in their quest for serenity. Some interesting elements are a window seat that frame views of the quiet to curl up and read.

The Archipelago house uses more handcrafted items to give it a relaxed feel. These items are the result of the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ and the use of Japanese wood furniture. Two unique chandeliers tell the story of the collaboration between leading Japanese wooden furniture manufacturer Karimoku and Kyoto-based lantern maker Kojima Shouten.

Some of us may have known that Norm Architects loves to interpret his works through wild landscapes such as those seen at Archipelago House. A residence that provides shelter for the family in the summer in the most sincere and caring form.

source: estliving

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