Caroline House: Edwardian House Renovation In Melbourne

This project is a change and addition made by Australian architect Kennedy Nolan. He has succeeded in providing a truly surprising architectural design, with organic and spectacular shapes. Named Caroline House, located in downtown Melbourne, it was originally an old Edwardian building. Architects restoration and re-imagining of existing homes and adding pavilion separated from the original building by an internal courtyard which contains a swimming pool. Something done with the creation of a curved facade covered with white bricks, this rather conventional approach is enlivened by displacing hopes of expanding the backyard. This house has a strange but balanced approach between the garden, and interior spaces and a detailed and nuanced approach to texture, color and pattern.

This house consists of several pavilions separated from the original building by an interior courtyard with a swimming pool. This section is in the middle and becomes the center of the puzzle, where everything rotates, its circular shape closely matches the new curve of the rear facade of the house, giving the illusion of the tip of the building plunging into it.

The pool is not too big but the center of attention here, round, solid, deep and dark that adds a dramatic impression. Architects describe eccentricity as a functional aesthetic that is outside fulfilling its initial function, highly participating in the summer as a cooling of the building thanks to evaporation arising from the bottom of the pool. While still look stylish, with great play of light on the facade that is activated by water reflection echoes.
















While inside, a circular shape and fun also looks at home openings, such as circular window that we often see on the ship and arched entrance. With the selection of curved lines to the interior, such as round shapes in the living room and sharp curves. This resonance can almost be found in every part such as walls, lamps, kitchen elements, hanging stoves or even furniture. This building looks classic and contemporary at the same time, sharper lines make good visuals such as the selection of majestic green stairs opposite the wooden accent.



source: milkdecoration

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