Solar-powered Tiny Cabins Integrated With E-Bike System


Focused on economic development and rural tourism, E-glamp is one of those products or services that is considered a tiny home with Airbnb combined with cycling networks such as Bird or Lime. It is like a modern integrated cabin and is entirely powered by solar panels. Equipped with smart technologies that are connected to an electronic system to encourage exploration of landscape carbon neutral. E-glamp entire collection of homes is modular, moveable and built with sustainable materials like wood. Along with the solar panels, the design is quite attractive as it reuses rainwater for guests’ needs.

The cabin is also equipped with a smart system with its own app that allows you to manage your experience directly from booking accommodation and check-in to finding the closest path and keeping your bike filled. The real purpose of E-glamp is to tap into the tourist experience and promote local gems that are often overlooked such as wineries, farms and hill stations that often go unnoticed as tourists prefer to come to big cities.


Currently we are still recovering towards the end of the pandemic. So, this is a great way to boost local tourism and creating a safe travel destination while keeping social distance. E-glam is a tourist destination that should be on your list, and if you are longing for a quiet hideaway with the natural landscapes on offer then E-glam is worth considering.







source: yankodesign

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