7 Easy Ways To Growing Indoor Herb Gardens

There is always a valuable lesson behind a disaster, and I’m sure we will all stay safe as long as we stay at home. To support during quarantine, there are still many fun activities at home, anytime and anywhere is the right time to start an indoor herb garden. This idea would help provide a stock of healthy food in the house, not just the small plants are fun and easy in maintenance, they can also act as home decorations that will beautify your interior. Herbal gardens are very easy and it is highly recommended to maintain your body in prime condition, giving you good nutrition and is very suitable for your kitchen. The idea of an indoor herb garden doesn’t need much space, so they can be grown wherever you live.

Herbal gardens only need a little water and light, even you can add your favorite dishes with fresh herbs that you plant yourself throughout the season. Today I have outlined seven indoor herb garden ideas to inspire your next DIY project or give you an idea to grow in the most favorite area in your home. Let’s check!

1. Herb Garden Walls

Among all indoor herb garden idea, maybe this is the most convenient way to take advantage of the wall as an area for gardening. Add iron rails, wall hooks and farmhouse style pots and grow your own herbal garden. This idea is very easy and won’t take up much space in your home.

2. Hanging Herb Garden Window

Hanging herb gardens are a practical way to start indoor gardening. Hang them near the window and near the kitchen sink. Of course you will have many advantages and convenience because it is close to water sources and plants will be exposed to sufficient sunlight.

3. Tiered Herb Garden

Want to plant more herbs in one place? Try making a tiered herbal garden above all our favorite ideas. That is a practical, beautiful herbal garden idea and is able to accommodate more of your herbal plant collections. There are many creative ways to create a tiered stand which can make your own using a DIY project.

4. Coffee Mug Herb Garden Display

Make use of things that are not used or that you rarely use to be more useful. A collection of old coffee cup colorful pots of herbs will be of interest or be a unique display wall shelf.

5. Herb Garden Cart

The cart is easy to move and usually has several levels that can accommodate your herbal garden. Currently there are many choices of carts sold online, can be made of plastic or of iron depending on the needs of your herbal garden.

6. Mason Jars Herb Garden

Mason jars are very popular for any decoration, including as an indoor herb garden idea. Use them as pots of herbs and add horizontal boards to put on the wall. You can also display mason jars herbal garden ideas on the table for a more simple idea.

7. Ladder Herb Gardens

This is a really clever herbal garden idea. Use the stairs as part of your herbal garden, and see how they are very suitable to be in any room. The herbal garden ladder is not only easy to make but also gives a stylish natural impression into the room.

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