Loft Apartments That Must Be Friendly-Family

A family have been successfully renovated apartment by the design firm JRKVC. Located in Bratislava which can be used as a reference how a real family apartment. Each room is really put to good use in order to accommodate and facilitate the whole family especially child-friendly.

This apartment is a project of reconstructing existing buildings to attic houses in the historic center of Bratislava discussing the common problems of developing families. Designed to accommodate three small children without losing their favorite space, measuring 150 square meters has been a challenge to keep the family-friendly rooms. Like the attic design in general, this apartment also uses one of the most distinctive qualities of attic space, which is height. Equipped with hygienic and technical lines in the room behind the chimney wall, the lower headroom makes it possible to continue using the residual space above it. This room is where the children’s room is humbly developed in the plan.

A little bit different, a daughter’s room is smaller than the two brothers. On the floor there is room for children to sleep and play, a sight for parents and easy to watch over them because it is only separated by light-emitting glass panels.













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