February 22, 2024

36 Fun Mezzanine Design That Should Be Tried For Small Space

Want to have an extra space or extra room where you can do everything? For those who are fortunate, terraced houses have indeed become the easiest solution to overcome the limitations of space. However, not everyone can build a terraced house for some reason, certainly this type of house does require a lot of budget to make it happen. Luckily, there are a lot of interior designers out there who are trying to change the one-story house that feels like a terraced house. If you have not heard of the term mezzanine, it is an additional room that has a function almost similar to the design of multilevel homes in general.

Mezzanine is a practical solution for those of you who want an additional floor. Usually they are in the middle of the room, or only one third of your entire interior. In addition to being an extra space in the interior, the mezzanine is also widely used for a child’s bedroom together. If terraced houses require special and permanent building foundations, then mezzanine is the opposite. This additional floor can be arranged in such a way as to blend and adapt to the needs of your room. That is why the height between the mezzanine floor and the ceiling is lower than the normal floor. Use mezzanine for any room or as a nice addition to your small home.

















You can use mezzanine for any room as a bedroom, workspace, family room, library, and much more. Mezzanine is a practical solution for those who want extra space but with a limited budget. Interested in adding a mezzanine floor to your room? Let’s keep up our search to be attempted for a small space!



















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