DIY Plant Stand Pot with Mid Century Ideas

Posted by housedeco On June - 8 - 2014 DIY Designs

DIY plant stand pots

This weekend I wanted to share DIY project plant stand, it is very easy even looks like I should not call it a project. It is simple concept with some material by attaching the legs to wood and I call this plant stand. Pot use by mid-century ideas and perfect accessory to decorate plants in the house.

DIY pot is perfect for those of you who only have a few plants in larger room, making variations in height turned out really pretty. Although combining two pots needed some creativity but believe you can find any material in a nearby store. I found them on a site that displays a variety of DIY projects, you can see from this article, or visit their website for more information. Have a nice weekend and you are ready to create your own potted plants!

DIY plant stand material

Supplies purchased:

  • wooden circle: $6.65
  • three 4″ wooden tapered legs: $3.98 each; $11.98 total
  • three mounting plates for legs: $1.68 each; $5.04 total

Total cost plus tax: $25.10

Supplies I had on hand:

  • wood stain: around $4 at most stores
  • wood sealer: around $4.50 at most stores
  • paint brush
  • power drill

Total cost including stain & sealer: $33.60

DIY plant stand tutorial

Step One: Stain the wooden circle and legs with a paint brush or rag. If you use a paint brush, you will need to clean the brush with paint brush cleaner or mineral spirits. If you use a rag, be sure to soak it afterwards and dispose of it at a hazardous waste disposal site.

Step Two: Seal the wood with a wax or polyurethane of your choice. You may be dripping water onto this stand, so a water-based sealant is probably not your best option here. I used leftover glaze that I had in my supplies stash; otherwise, I would have just used a basic polyurethane spray.

DIY plant stand ideas

Step Three: Attach the leg-mounting plates equidistant around the edge of the wooden circle. Make sure you’re attaching these to the rough side of the wood, not the nicer side.

Step Four: Screw the legs into the mounting plates.

DIY plant stand mid century


DIY plant stand pot designs

source: abeautifulmess

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