November 30, 2022

9 Creative Sink Ideas Made From Unusual Items

You can choose various sink designs. The sink has a shape and material ranging from traditional sink are usually oval, up to modern sink boxy price also varies. However, an attractive sink doesn’t have to be expensive, you can take advantage of items that you no longer use, aka used items to make a sink. So that you have inspiration, has collected 7 sink ideas using used goods.

You can make a variety of sinks an easy DIY project. Basically it has a variety of shapes ranging from traditional to modern, from square, round to oval, but for those who are creative sinks can have a more unique shape. Use of unused items and unexpected ideas to make your dreams sink. To help you get the best results, today I have summarized 8 creative sink ideas from unusual items. Get inspired!

1. Make your sink look a classic style by using an old table or an unused table. Leave the table look as it is to emphasize a classic, natural style.

2. Used tires can be turned into various interesting objects and furniture, and one of them is turning them into a sink. The shape of a circular tire very easily shaped into a bowl or sink by adding water storage container.

3. This sink idea is very simple and easy to move according to your wishes. A good old bucket can be converted into a functional sink, perfect for being in front of your house or garden area.

4. This sink is perfect for those of you who want to create a holiday feel at home. A drink box looks great as a sink with a blend of casual beach decor.

5. Used sewing machine can also be used as a sink with a vintage style. Keep the shape of the sewing machine and you only need to add a basin and install the pipes as drains.

6. Want your sink to have a natural look? Make a sink from plant pots and use a wooden base to enhance your sink decoration.

7. Unused bicycles can be a unique sink. Make sure the bicycle frame is sturdy to withstand the weight of your sink. Also, mix various looks of your bike with decorations to create a vintage impression in the room.

8. Galvanized is usually used as a drinking place for livestock, but with a little creativity you can turn it into an attractive farmhouse-style sink design.

9. For a cool men’s sink, use a wine barrel as a catchy sink. Cut a half or quarter of a wine barrel and utilized as part of the sink wall.

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