8 Moroccan Style Gardens You’ll Must Know


If you have ever been on holiday or looked on the internet at busy and bustling cities in Morocco like Marrakech, you will find that the heart of almost every page is a place of peace, calm, soothing. Moroccan garden style is known to have a magical power of its own. In addition to being unique, Moroccan gardens traditionally combine Islamic, Moorish and French influences providing a rich inspiration for the outdoors.

Want to bring Moroccan style to your next garden? In this post we have put together some inspiring ideas for turning an outdoor area into a stunning Moroccan retreat, so it is ideal for relaxation and fun. No matter the size or location of your garden, brighten it with warm, earthy colors, bright accents and charming Moroccan features. Here are 8 ideas you should know to imitate a Moroccan garden!

1. Warm Colors


A charming color palette with warm tones makes a Moroccan garden feel cozy and calming. Nature-inspired colors such as terracotta, ocher and burnt orange create a welcoming atmosphere. Meanwhile, vibrant blues, greens and fuchsias add enthusiasm and energy. Add these colors to your garden with wall paintings, fences and other decorative touches.

2. Bright Accents


Bright accents provide energy and an exotic touch to your outdoor space, such as striking blue with a combination of warm earth tones that are characteristic of the Moroccan garden style. Opt for the brilliant blues of mosaic tiles and fountains, or the rich colors of flowering plants and textiles. By combining bright accents with the right plumes, your garden can turn into a charming oasis. Apart from blue, you can consider several beautiful paint color choices including red, yellow or green. You can also jazz up your garden decor using metal, terracotta, brick and stone.

3. Mediterranean Plants


Although lush greenery is key to the structure and appeal of a Moroccan garden, you can truly embody a Moroccan garden style by adding Mediterranean plants. This type of plant is very popular, especially palm trees, olive trees, and orange trees. It not only brings exotic charm but also creates a pleasant atmosphere.

4. Patterned Tiles


A Moroccan-style garden would not be complete without its intricate and patterned tile decoration. Tiles like these add charm and character. Use the tiles on garden paths, patios, or as accents on walls and stairs. The unique and colorful tile patterns are certainly an attraction for anyone who sees them.

5. Water Features


Moroccan gardens are renowned for their relaxing atmosphere. This is similar to the water features that we often see in this garden style. The gentle sound of water from a mosaic tile fountain or birdbath can turn a Moroccan garden into a peaceful retreat. Equipped with beautiful patterns, this water feature creates a calming atmosphere, inviting you to relax and enjoy the beauty around you.

6. Wrought Iron Furniture


Moroccan gardens, apart from being unique, also feel very timeless. This is because the furniture mostly includes wrought iron accents such as tables, gates, trellises or lanterns. This material brings sophistication and artistic flair to your Moroccan-style garden. The material is visually striking and blends perfectly with the overall design, enhancing the exotic charm of your outdoor space.

7. Colorful Textiles


Add comfort to your Moroccan garden with comfortable outdoor seating or benches. Complete it with colorful rugs, pillows and outdoor textiles. These colorful additions offer comfort and enhance the aesthetics of your Moroccan-style garden, creating a space that is both visually appealing and beautiful.

8. Calming Lighting


Lighting is the key to evoking the atmosphere of a Moroccan garden. Incorporate lanterns, string lights, or solar-powered garden lights to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. This lighting idea turns your garden into a private retreat, perfect for relaxation and creating tranquility.

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