22 Aesthetic Boho Kitchen Design That Boost Your Room


Many people underestimate the style and design of the kitchen they have. The reason is that the kitchen is usually closed, not even in the very back area of the house. Maybe the kitchen is not a place to receive guests, or the first room people see when they come to the house. However, the kitchen is the heart of the house so it can liven up the atmosphere of its residents.

There are many kitchen designs that are suitable to be applied to contemporary homes. From modern kitchen styles with sleek cuts to soothing rustic kitchens, have you ever thought about adding art to your kitchen decor? The bohemian style of the kitchen really surprised us. They consist of colors, patterns, and patterns that often remind us of works of art. Boho kitchen design is a space where you and your family can feel free, life is more colorful, and of course closer to natural elements.

Today’s post is all about the boho kitchen and how to showcase it in your cooking space. If you’re curious, here are some boho kitchen inspiration and easy tips to replicate at home. Happy trying!


How to make the kitchen look boho style?

The boho kitchen is basically a game of color and pattern combinations. It’s a good idea to paint the walls in several colors or a bright color. Place unusual furniture, such as chairs, tables, or wall shelves with classic nuances. Boho kitchen décor also features rich elements as the main ingredient. Maybe vintage or shabby chic, or you can make a colorful backsplash.

For a natural look, add plants, pots and wood, maybe a little Moroccan cut with patterned rugs or tiles. This style blends with bohemian chic in a unique way. Vintage and rustic styles are also visible from the boho kitchen, so don’t hesitate to display them according to your taste.














A mix of bright colors, textiles and other elements

Boho kitchens are synonymous with bright colors, even daring to be different. Choose colorful walls to make a statement, bright wardrobes, tables and chairs. The backsplash also looks unusual consisting of a variety of striking motifs and colors, finally you can choose colorful tiles that evoke the atmosphere.

Mix various patterns, prints and colors, or you can layer them to make the kitchen look brighter. Place large windows, skylights or a kitchen with an open concept that makes you feel like you are outdoors. Greenery, pots, or wall plants really complement the look of a boho kitchen, burlap rugs, and colorfully layered textiles make the kitchen feel more relaxed.








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