February 23, 2024

Simple Scandinavian Kitchens by Erik Olsson

simple scandinavian kitchens by erik olsson

The kitchen is actually very simple but I like it and draw my attention to various with you. Kitchen was designed and sold by Erik Olsson, nothing special or surprising because the kitchen is very thick with Scandinavian style in general, so you can have own at home after seeing this article. Kitchen design is quite small, L-shaped and an island in the middle of the room, there is comfortable sitting room next to cabinets as a place to wait for the food was being served. My attention focused on every little detail that complements the decor, such as a large white boards that cover the walls, twin pendant lights over the sink and comfortable carpet. Look at the Scandinavian kitchen and you can find pleasure as I do.

simple scandinavian kitchen design


scandinavian kitchen with L shaped


simple scandinavian kitchen ideas

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