December 4, 2023

20 Stylish Outdoor Laundry Rooms To Freshen Up Your Mood

Having a small house requires you to arrange every inch to make it more functional and effective. Decorating a small space right is very important to improve your mood so that it is comfortable to carry out daily activities. Of course, this also applies in designing the laundry room including selecting the best area in your home. If you really don’t have an area inside the house, even for a laundry room, why don’t you build it outdoors? This laundry room is very practical because you can take advantage of outside areas that have not been used. The outdoor laundry room is also versatile because it makes it easy for you to dry your clothes, add a natural atmosphere, and of course will save space. In the outdoor area, you can easily do all activities ranging from washing, drying, and storing various other equipment. Today I have put together 20 outdoor laundry room ideas with some tips for you to do. Get inspired!

Laundry room with transparent roof

This outdoor laundry room is still integrated with indoor, and adding a transparent roof will give you the availability of natural light and heat. This idea is quite simple because you just add a roof with a transparent material that allows sunlight to penetrate. For those of you who don’t really want to build an outdoor laundry room, this idea is the best alternative. Remarkably, the light is not only from transparent roofs, you can even get more light from transparent windows and open doors.














Outdoor laundry rooms

This time the laundry room really are outdoors, this idea applies if you do not have a room in the house but had plenty of space outdoors. The best place is to build it in the backyard, a garden that is adjacent to the walls of your house or the side area of your house. Use the pergola roof to add to the beauty of your laundry room or leave it open for abundant sunlight needs.


Laundry room in the balcony

For those of you who live in urban areas, especially in the apartment, of course it is very difficult to have an outside area. But if you have a balcony then you are very lucky. Take advantage of your balcony into the laundry room that is integrated directly with the outdoors. This small balcony will give you a stylish and practical laundry room to maximize the small space.



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