7 Stylish Outdoor Laundry Room Ideas To Copy


Washing clothes is a routine job that often makes us feel tired and bored. That is the reason why the laundry room must be designed to be functional and comfortable for various daily activities. However, some homeowners often feel hesitant about adding a laundry room. Especially if you live in an apartment or small residence that has limited land, you really have to be able to utilize every inch you have to make it into your dream laundry room.

If usually the laundry room is often integrated indoors, you can try another more practical solution, namely building a laundry room outside. With the right arrangement, an empty outdoor area can be transformed into a comfortable, attractive and refreshing washing and drying room. Here are some ideas for using leftover space at home into a stylish outdoor laundry room. Let’s see!

1. Laundry room on the balcony


If you have a balcony, try using this area as a washing and drying room. Create a laundry area with a simple and simple design even though it is on a narrow plot of land. Refresh the laundry room with green plants and colorful flowers to beautify the room’s atmosphere. Meanwhile, vertical shelves are great for extra storage. With proper arrangement, the laundry room on the balcony will look simply amazing.

2. Laundry room in the backyard


Everyone must have a little area in the backyard. Besides being used as a garden, you can also use a little space in the backyard to use as a laundry and drying room. This outdoor area is ideal for storing and placing items and washing equipment, you can also install upper cabinets and table tops with side drawers for easy access.

3. Semi-outdoor laundry room


You can create a minimalist laundry and drying room with a semi-outdoor concept. Usually it is on the back or side of the house. For the roof, choose a clear roof that still allows sunlight to enter the house, but still protects your clothes or laundry from rain.

4.Laundry room with glass canopy and wooden partition


This outdoor laundry room provides a relaxing and calming feel to the backyard. Equipped with a glass canopy in the drying area, this canopy will protect your clothes when it rains, as well as reduce the intensity of sunlight so that the color of your clothes does not fade easily. Meanwhile, a wooden partition decorated with heat-resistant green plants is used as a barrier between the design of the clothes washing area and the relaxing area.

5. Laundry room with outdoor kitchen


You can also combine a laundry room and outdoor kitchen for a functional feel. A design like this is suitable for use in small or limited sized houses. The reason is, this minimalist kitchen and laundry room design will not take up much space or space. The design is made compact and functional, using the empty area in the corner of the room.

6. Rooftop laundry room


Have a rooftop area at home? Besides being used as a relaxing area and garden, you can also use this area as a laundry and drying room. To avoid rain but still get enough sunlight, install a clear roof on the roof.

7. Outdoor laundry and drying room


You can combine the design of the washing and drying room outdoors. The method is very easy and simple so it is suitable for use with various themes or residential styles, whether minimalist houses, industrial houses, modern ones and many more. Another advantage, this concept makes it easier for you to carry out activities when you want to dry clothes.

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