7 Amazing Ways To Recycle Used Bottles Into Decorations


There are various ways to enhance your home. One is to make your own DIY decoration that can be made from used goods. Like other parts of the interior, decoration also plays an important role in supporting the beauty and comfort of the interior atmosphere that you want to present. A simple DIY project can transform an entire interior style if done right, and today I want to inspire you with amazing ways to recycle bottles into decorations.

Not all decorations require a big budget, you can also take advantage of used or unused items and turn them into something beautiful for your home. I am sure there must have been in your house bottles are used, whether it’s a bottle of liquor or other types of bottles, the more variations in size and shape bottles then there are more ideas for create it. From DIY pendant lamp to gorgeous flower vases, you won’t even believe it before you see them.

1. Candle holder

Create a romantic atmosphere to your room with a candle holder made of used bottles. The method is quite easy, you just choose a bottle whose diameter matches the size of the candle so that it is easy to place. To sweeten it up, add bottled plants for a natural feel.


2. Pendant lamp

A glass bottle can also be turned into a stylish pendant lamp. Combine a few bottles at a time in which you can place more than one lighting point. Cut off the bottom of the bottle and put a lamp or bulb in it, and you’re ready to DIY your DIY pendant lamp.


3. DIY string light

Apart from being a pendant lamp, you can add other lighting with string lights. Slightly different, string light lighting is more focused on beautifying the room. This idea is easier because you just put a string light into the bottle.


4. Table lamp

Lighting ideas are one of the most popular ideas for DIY bottle projects, including turning them into table lamps that have a unique decorative look. With various designs and creations, used bottles can be transformed into beautiful lamps for table decoration.


5. Wind chimes

Give a decorative touch to your outdoor space with a wind chime from a used bottle. Make and hang a bottle of wind chimes for a unique sound as the wind blows into your home. Bottle wind chimes are also believed to bring good luck to their owners.


6. DIY terrarium

Have you ever heard of a terrarium? It is the art of gardening in small containers as decoration or part of a decoration. Use a glass bottle to DIY the terrarium as you wish. Usually consists of moss and other types of mini plants.


7. Bottle vases

Want an easy DIY bottle decoration but very pretty? You can use them as flower vases and then place them in any area you want. It’s very easy, choose a unique collection of glass bottles, clean it, add water, and put your favorite flower.


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