35 Awesome Dog House Decorations That Will Be Loved

For pet lovers, especially dogs, it is only natural if you have a private area for them. This time the dog not just be an animal home or gate keeper, but many people consider dogs as part of the family. Building a dog house can be a lot of fun for your furry friend. As well as keeping your home clean, dogs will feel special needed because they provide them with a private area where they can relax or sleep comfortably. No different from cats, dogs are also lazy pets and like to spend their time sleeping. Usually they can sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day, which is why you need to build a dog house that they will love both indoors and outdoors. Today I’ve put together 35 awesome dog house decorations that are easy and can be applied to any space. Take advantage of an unexpected area in your home or backyard and create a dream dog house.

Indoor dog house

I’ve always seen dogs enjoy sleeping anywhere in the house, sometimes on the floor, sofa or under the table. Although the dog is not animal voters, but as the owner you certainly sorry to see them. Building an indoor dog house is the best solution you can do. Give your pet a proper home to keep them warm and comfortable even in the room. You can make your own DIY dog house or buy one at the pet store. Take advantage of unused areas such as under stairs and build a doghouse there, this is a very effective way to overcome space limitations.

Outdoor dog house

Dogs are basically animals that enjoy being outside, digging in the ground, running in the garden or just sleeping under a tree. If you also enjoy spending time outside, especially on weekends then dogs are your best friend. Do you love gardening with them or playing a simple game, making the outdoor dog house is a great alternative. Even though your dog already has an indoor dog house, there is nothing wrong with making one more outdoors. There are many outdoor dog house designs ranging from modern to vintage to their simplest forms. Even if you do not have a yard or backyard, take advantage of the patio and create a doghouse there.

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