February 23, 2024

Open Wooden Cabin For Nature Escape

A lot has happened this year, and I think it really frustrates me a little. We are all still struggling to get through a pandemic, but that’s no reason for us to relax and maybe towards the runaway nature. This open-air cabin is like saying that everyone really needs a vacation. After all, who can resist the most amazing views ranging from crystal blue lakes to expanses of snow-capped mountains to unspoiled forest landscapes. These cozy wooden cabins were designed by Payam Shalcian through Edward Bed & Breakfast which is about 100 miles east of Toronto, and now they are open all year round.

The cabin is located in the middle of a 75 hectare property hidden among a large forest area that is used for various other business stay experiences. It is 80 square feet and also houses a B&B. The actual design is very minimalist, the exterior just a simple wooden frame and interior only accommodate a few important furniture. The best thing about this log cabin is the luxury it offers as an immersive experience that you have in nature. To incorporate various external elements, most of the area of the wall and ceiling panels is made of transparent plexiglass. The cabin only consists of a sleeping zone and has an additional 64 square feet which is a bath containing a compost shower and toilet. Do not stop there, the cabin is also equipped with a wood stove for cooking or heating during the night. This B&B also provides camping equipment for guests who want it. Even though this cabin feels simple, you can still enjoy the view of a million stars and experience an uninterrupted stay in nature just by lying down and staring at the sky from inside the cabin

source: yankodesign

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