Genius Ways To Make Kids Activity With IKEA Flisat Table


These days we are looking for the best furniture for our children. This is the happiest time because they have entered school, it should be the end of this year they will be five years old. As parents, we always want the best especially to encourage them to continue growing well. That’s why, we don’t want to carelessly choose children’s furniture, moreover our biggest desire is to see them can learn and play at the same time.

After choosing from many collections, we finally decided to grab the IKEA Flisat table. It’s not just a table, and as we know any IKEA product they can always be hacked easily, but also opens up to a sensory desk. You can leave the IKEA collection as it is or add some creativity to it. For some reason they can also be combined with other products such as trash can products from their Trofast collection.

Now we have collected all the products that caught our attention. Although the IKEA Flisat tables are not a new collection but they are really very interesting to this day.


Why should the IKEA Flisat table?

The best consideration for choosing kids furniture is because they must be completely functional and kid-friendly. You can find designs with clean lines, minimalism and a Scandinavian feel with a few accent colors. Amazingly, the entire IKEA Flisat collection has a size that is not too big so it can maximize the space.


Get to know the IKEA Flisat collection

Flisat is a collection of children’s furniture and storage designed by Sarah Fager. This collection is an IKEA product intended to grow with children from 3 to 12 years old. This entire series is made entirely of pine wood, a durable material that ages gracefully. In addition to the table collection, you can also find other Flisat collections such as children’s benches, toy storage with wheels, doll houses, wall storage, and book displays.


Flisat table function for kids activities

There’s a lot of functionality you might not have thought of before with the IKEA Flisat table, and today I’m including the different ways we play with this sensory table. The possibilities are truly limitless, it’s all up to you how creative you are to create ideas. They can be a study table as well as a play area for your little one’s daily activities. This is one of the fun and durable IKEA collections for kids that parents and kids will love and stay with for a long time.

Check out more of our favorite collection of IKEA flisat table hacks!













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