January 23, 2022

10 Outdoor Meditation Spaces That Refresh Your Soul And Body

I believe every human being should live in harmony with the environment, that means taking all the energy from nature to make our souls and bodies refreshed. In the dense daily activities, you need a special place to calm the mind, rest the body, an oasis in the middle of a busy world. Some people refer to this area as a meditation spaces, the area where you are to the object that you like, the feel that makes you feel comfortable, and objects that remind you of past memories.

If usually the meditation room is in a special room or corner designed to relieve stress, this time I would like to invite you to take it outside. Meditation is an effective way to bring your mood back, keeping you productive through focusing, breathing, and clearing your mind. Practicing meditation will feel more positive if done in a supportive environment and a thoughtful design area, which should be outdoors is the best area when you want to absorb the essence of nature around. Today I have collected 10 outdoor meditation spaces that will rejuvenate your soul and body to get ready for the next busy day.

1. Returning to nature’s principles, a meditation room in the midst of a natural environment is a great way to purify the mind and calm the heart. This outdoor meditation is perfect for those with certain beliefs with a few ornaments that draw closer to God

2. The outdoor meditation spaces can also be styled with a pretty bohemian look. Place this area in the backyard with the addition of boho ornaments such as carpets, curtains and some comfortable pillows

3. Turn your small outdoor space into a relaxing meditation space. Put a large lounge chair in the corner of the garden and the additional paths will enhance the landscape

4. If the garden bench may be very common we see, it will be different if you design it as a private area like this park bench. Besides being comfortable near the fire pit, this bench with the addition of a round roof will give you privacy when meditating

5. Take advantage of each existing area as an outdoor meditation space. A small wooden deck with rugs looks simple but very comfortable

6. Everyone including me would dream of owning this outdoor meditation room. A stunning green landscape with gazebo and fish pond is the perfect match for your meditation practice

7. The balcony is an outdoor area in their home, this area is usually neglected because it has a narrow area. With the right settings you can turn this small area into the perfect meditation space. Create a green oasis on the balcony and place supportive furniture for meditation

8. Create a holiday feel in your outdoor meditation spaces. Make a holiday-style tree house or bamboo house a quiet area for meditation

9. Meditation spaces can also be blended into outdoor landscapes. Like this meditation hall with a stone base that looks like part of the garden

10. Meditation under a tree is the most effective way to refresh your soul and body. Create a cozy deck under a shady tree and it’s a place you’ll be willing to spend time outdoors

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