27 Creative DIY Kids Playground Ideas For A Small Yard

Sometimes ask kids to learn more difficult than letting them play. As parents, of course there are many ways to encourage the creativity and productivity of your children to suit their development. However, in some cases, building a study room or placing a child’s desk is still not effective. Today I want to show you how a playground can be a great way to allow children to learn, have adventure and play in a fun way. If you think creating a playground will require a large area and a large budget, then you should take a look at this creative DIY playground idea for a small yard or backyard.

A DIY playground can be a favorite area for children, and for you can also place various entertainment areas such as an outdoor retreat or a small garden in the yard that blends with the landscape of the playground. In the following I have collected 27 playground ideas and some ways you should know. Get inspired!

Adjust to your yard

Before you make a playground, make sure you know the area where you want to build it. If you have a small yard, try to take advantage of every inch is still possible as the corner of the yard or the area of the wall. Combining it with a garden is also a great way to create a comfortable landscape for a playground. After all, children do prefer to play outdoors rather than stay in the room. It’s also a great way to keep them active and energized.

Create your own DIY playground

Playgrounds do not have to be expensive or spend a lot of budget, you can also make it yourself depends on your creativity. A few simple playgrounds such as a log house, sandbox or swing are ideas that are both practical and fairly easy to do. You can use recycled or unused items to turn them into a fun playground.

Educational playground

What do you think about when you hear about playgrounds? Maybe most of the parents think the playground is just an area for children to play and have fun, but in fact there are many positive values that you can take from a playground. Creating an educational playground is very effective in encouraging children to know, learn and learn many things that will not bore them. Educational playgrounds are not much different from books and lessons, they are like larger learning areas and are more age-appropriate for kids.

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