7 Best Garden Concepts That You Must Know

Having a beautiful garden is everyone’s dream, that’s why many people try to make the best of their outdoor decor. There are many advantages if you have a garden, apart from being a landscape that beautifies the house, the garden is also often used as a comfortable relaxing area to channel your gardening hobby. In this area, you can breathe fresh air while enjoying the beauty of the garden with colorful flowers and a charming display of green trees.

Although it sounds easy, but there are still many people who are still confused determine their garden concept. This results in a garden setting that is constantly changing, and of course it will cost a lot of money. Basically, a home garden has many diverse designs and concepts. Today I try to summarize everything in the 7 best garden concepts to help you determine the garden that best suits your personality. Want to know what our choice of garden design? Scroll down and select one from the list below!

1. On top of the list are tropical garden designs which are also my favorites. This garden concept is often applied in Asian countries with a supportive tropical climate. At first glance, tropical gardens are very synonymous with the coast, this can be seen from the types of tropical plants such as banana trees, ferns, palms and many more. Tropical garden concept is not only beautiful, but is able to present to the outdoor atmosphere of your holiday

2. Classic garden is suitable for those of you who are happy with classic home designs. As the name suggests, this park uses classic style decorations and decorations such as fountains, statues, and classic plant pots, even for a larger garden there is a maze as an entertainment area

3. Want plants with minimal maintenance? For those of you who don’t have time to always take care of the garden, try choosing a desert garden concept. This garden is generally not difficult to maintain, even does not require much water. Some types of desert plants such as cacti and succulents are most frequently used. The concept of this garden usually uses sand and rocks because of its dry nature

4. Many people apply a Japanese garden design for love with their culture. This is because the Japanese garden emphasizes more natural elements which are believed to have a positive effect on the body and soul. Japanese gardens have unique characteristics including bonsai plants, rocks, bamboo fountains and warm wood materials

5. For those of you with limited space, you should choose a minimalist garden concept. This concept comes with a simple design and doesn’t require a lot of ornamentation. Usually a minimalist garden takes advantage of every existing inch as a place for plants or trees

6. Almost similar to a minimalist garden, modern garden designs also have minimal decorations. The difference is that modern gardens present a more stylish feel and are equipped with various modern facilities such as mini waterfalls or modern outdoor benches

7. Moroccan gardens have more unique characteristics than other garden concepts. This garden design features bright colors and ornaments such as beige, coral and terracotta. The colors are usually displayed on the walls and floors, and there are even Moroccan gardens that use tiles with a unique texture

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