20 Attic Meditation Room Ideas For Your Relaxing


The attic is the most often neglected area in the house. Apart from being too dark and too small, the attic is usually only used as a warehouse or place to store old items. However, if used well, the attic can also be useful as a meditation space that allows you to find calm and peace. Building a meditation or yoga room in the attic is very convenient, especially if it is small.

The attic meditation studio is the perfect place to make our lives better, easier and calmer after a long day. What’s better than relaxing, reflecting and doing yoga? You can do this anywhere, including the attic because it will give you the perfect hiding place. Meditation rooms are the best solution for those who are used to relaxing and gaining spirituality.

So, how to build a meditation room in the attic? Create a minimalist space with calm colors, minimize the use of items, just pillows, candles, carpet, and maybe a chair. You can also combine the attic meditation room with other rooms such as a bedroom or work space because this room is truly functional. Take a look at some ideas below and get inspired!


Colorful attic meditation room

Colorful loft meditation rooms are usually done in a boho style with lots of pattern use. You can decorate the walls of the attic with bright motifs, macramé and feather decorations, low furniture, and colorful pillows and pillows on the floor. Add potted greenery and blooming flowers and add candle lanterns, don’t forget some of your favorite bohemian signs and decorations. In fact, you can create a complete sanctuary by bringing decorations and items from various travels.


The attic meditation room has a neutral tone

If you want a quiet meditation space without a lot of color. Try transforming the attic in a contemporary and minimalist style, choosing a neutral and concise decoration. You can decide whether you prefer low or no furniture, layered rugs, pillows, candle lanterns or sconces with candles, neutral textiles, and natural wood accents. Create glazed walls or add skylights to let in natural light and enjoy the view while meditating. You can also combine the meditation room with other zones to get a multifunctional room. Let’s see!


















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