February 21, 2024

Beautiful Patiki Townhouse In Mallorca

This beautiful house is located in an ancient city located between mountains and coastline in Western Mallorca, an area where one of the main exporters of olives and oranges. First built in the 1800s, Patiki Townhouse was renovated again by a wealthy family to hire foreign architects to design and build continental houses that match their status.

Patiki Townhouse was originally owned by the same family for generations and lasted for almost a century and a half, but good news for those of you who like the style of a historic house and have a high historical value because now the house is sold. Who would not fall in love with a stunning Moorish tiles, etched glass windows, Moroccan-style pool luxurious, wooden beams in almost every part of the house. Wait until you really see the pool overflowing surrounded by olive trees and amazing sea views. I am sure no one can resist the charm of this Townhouse.

source: honestlywtf

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