35 Clever Kids Wall Ideas For Interactive Play

I believe leaving empty space on a kids wall is a waste. If all this time you have thought kids room decor is enough just to paint a wall or poster, then today I want to show how the child’s wall should be made. Most kids would rather play than have to learn, it may be because of their age are still not able to focus and more than happy to spend time with play. Then will you leave it alone? As parents, we must be wise and smart in determining what is best for children, including learning. So, why don’t we try to combine play and learning into one fun medium. Creating interactive walls for kids is a brilliant idea that will not only help them learn but children can do everything they think is fun. It’s like creating fun and accessible interaction media for all ages depending on what you want to display on the wall.

There are many interactive wall ideas that you can try in the child’s room. Some look fun with LED and wall games that are sophisticated, but it does not rule out the possibility that you can create your own interactive wall with your children. The easiest way is to place the blackboard on the wall, this way can give your children to write or draw media without having to make the house a mess. Some interactive DIY wall projects can be made from used items such as wood, wine cork or paperboard, this all depends on your creativity. If you still don’t know how to create interactive children’s walls, here are 35 interactive wall ideas for kids that will give you lots of inspiration. Let’s check!

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