February 26, 2024

Mulroy Architects Extend Original Victorian Bay Window


Mulroy Architects have successfully added an extension to the home in the Muswell Hills Conservation Area, increasing the floor space in the family home by 30%. Architectural studio based in London led him to maximize the available space around the property without disturbing the original Victorian bay window at the rear. This can be achieved by wrapping the ground floor extension around the courtyard that frames the bay behind a stretch of curved glass, creating the main feature of a completely new living space.

There is a dining area that expands to follow the curve and provides a direct visual from the front door to the back garden. The existing staircase is extended to the roof level to ensure that the house fits together architecturally.

The main bedroom is deliberately open are connected to the bathroom with a low bulkhead as a separator. This partition is able to hide the lighting system that is designed to illuminate the ceiling, thus adding a wider impression.


The addition of corner windows on the first floor gives space volume of work during the day and the incredible views. The flat green roofs and cohesive aesthetics of the back garden provide a refreshing sight. This area can be seen from the first floor windows to the surrounding properties.









Photographer: Dan Glasser

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