25 Most Adorable Recycled DIY Toys Into Your Furniture

Toys become common when you have kids, it is also considered a form of affection by giving something that is liked by children. Have a lot of toys at home is not wrong, but what if without you realize the toys have become so many that actually makes you often hassles because they have to always clean the house at all times. For some reason, the storage unit is a good kid most effective solution. It was proven to be able to keep the house from the many toys that were strewn on the floor, sofa, bed or wherever they were after playing. Even so, some toys are still often broken either because they were accidentally stepped on or because of the use of children. Without you knowing it, finally it’s too unused toys even though they still look good to be played back.

Instead of having to store toys in a warehouse or dispose of it, try to recycle the toy into an adorable DIY project into your furniture. If some toys are still a waste to throw away, just take a few simple tools and turn them into something extraordinary. Animal toys may be what people often make, their small shape makes these toys easy to step on and damage. Try making some useful furniture from this cute toy such as a table lamp, wall shelf, door knob, or whatever your creation is. In addition, some old toys such as toy cars and trucks could also be a home decoration or interactive pot. In the following, I have collected 25 most adorable recycled DIY toys that you can use in furniture. Try thinking outside the box and get your own imagination!

























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