10 Amazing Ways To Use Sticky Notes In Your Decor


Decorating the walls is the easiest way to turn any room that was boring into a fun one. Fortunately, today there are many options for decorating the walls are easy to apply at home. From placing the wallpaper to painting the walls according to your taste, it turns out that there are still easy and inexpensive ways to change your walls without much effort, one of which is DIY sticky notes.

All your wall creations can be made yourself with a few simple DIY projects. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, you only need to take advantage of the items that are easily available. For those of you who work at home, must have office stationery and sticky note you can use to decorate the house. Sticky notes come in a variety of colors that you can mix together to create a unique decorative look. You can use one color or many colors depending on your decorating needs. Here I have compiled 10 of our favorite sticky notes decorations that are ready to inspire you, and bring a new atmosphere to any space.

1. Aesthetic sticky note

Don’t forget the function of sticky notes, it is a place to write messages or memos. But not only that, the boring sticky notes look can be changed to be more interesting, like the idea below. Now there is a message wall as well as part of the decoration.


2. Door sticky notes

Not only walls, other parts that look like doors can also be decorated using sticky notes. Create attractive and bright color combinations to beautify your home.


3. Gradation wall

So that the sticky notes look less boring, you can play with lots of different colors. This method is able to display attractive, unique color gradations.


4. Full Wall

Apart from paint and wallpaper, you can also use sticky notes to cover all parts of a certain wall. Use color games and create patterns according to your imagination.


5. Calm blue

Blue is a calm color that can make a room feel cool. If your interior is based on this color, you can also add a sticky note wall of the same color.


6. Red Heart

Are you a romantic? Or want to give a simple surprise for your partner? Adding heart-shaped sticky notes is an easy and romantic method that can be done in just a few minutes.


7. In the stairs

Create a magical stairs with sticky notes embellishments. You can change the entire staircase to present a magical impression into the room.


8. Sticky note frames

Apart from photos, you can frame sticky notes as part of the decoration. Add some color and a quote to make it even more interesting.


9. QR Code

If we look everywhere, QR code has always been a unique part of our life. Inspired by this, you can also make QR code decorations using sticky notes.


10. WTF sticky notes

Fans of classic games especially 8 bite will surely love to decorate the walls of their homes with this theme.


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