November 29, 2023

Beautiful DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

indoor vertical kitchen garden

For you who live in urban areas may not be so lucky for those who live in rural areas. I am sure you would agree because I am talking about fresh air and green pastures were delicious. Everyone is entitled to a few plants around, even if you are currently living in a small apartment. I have a magic solution to reduce stress and even acts as an air filter for your room. Vertical garden is the best because they do not take any of your floor space, you just need to put them on a large wall. DIY vertical garden is also very good for keeping your mood, they cool the living room wall, dining room, bedroom, but I really love when they are used in the kitchen to access to fresh herbs. Here are beautiful DIY vertical garden ideas to help you add shades of green in your room, do not miss!

indoor vertical garden decorations


indoor vertical garden in dining area


balcony vertical garden ideas


small vertical garden designs


beautiful diy vertical garden


vertical garden wall decor


diy vertical garden in living room


vertical kitchen garden wall


tiny vertical garden ideas


cool vertical garden decor ideas

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