January 26, 2022

20 Easy DIY Halloween Lantern Ideas That Make Creepy Atmosphere

Halloween only has a few weeks left, so I’m sure you are now preparing to welcome Halloween with enthusiasm. One of the best of Halloween is that we can be free to be creative with a lot more DIY Halloween projects, and it is very exciting because a lot of the popular Halloween themes that you can apply to the decor. In addition to decorating the house, lighting is very important especially during Halloween night, this is the highlight of the Halloween celebration with a festive closing party that you can make with your family or friends. So, if you have prepared everything now, don’t forget to add lighting to make the party more memorable.

Halloween lantern is the best choice for those who want to display on spooky Halloween atmosphere. There are lots of cheap and easy DIY Halloween lantern ideas that I’m sure you can make yourself as a fun holiday project. Halloween lanterns are a great complement to your outdoor space, in addition to giving a frightening display of light that will surprise every guest. The easiest way is to carve pumpkins and add lights inside, this project is very common and easy for anyone to do. If you like the vintage look, just take some of your old lantern and give a creepy decorations like witches or ghosts. Whatever your idea, the best part is they are cheap. See how used cans, paper bags, and mason bottles can be turned into awesome Halloween DIY lanterns. Scroll down for even more shocking ideas!




















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