10 Cute DIY Clothes Storage Ideas For Babies

diy babies clothes storage ideas

There are various ways to create open wardrobe, as we often see in Scandinavian style. But the wardrobe is open for babies will be very different with wardrobes in adult bedroom, you are required to always be neat and organized with all your outfits. But in the nursery or toddler, ideas clothes storage is much easier and you can even create your own cute DIY project with some simple materials. Babies tend to have far fewer clothes at a certain time as they continue to grow bigger and the clothes they are small so it’s easy to be tidy and does not require much space. This post will show you inspiration for babies clothes storage that you might need and I found some awesome. Best part of this wardrobe is that if you have a small room, you can keep your clothes to every corner room and they still look good. You can use of tree branches or some driftwood to make your baby clothes storage and adapt to the space you have. Here are 10 best open wardrobe ideas and see what you can do with more tree branch!

cute diy babies clothes shelves with baskets


wood babies wardrobe storage design


simple diy hanging babies storage ideas


diy babies clothes storage with branches


small branches clothes shelves for babies


copper pipe wardrobe for babies clothes storage


mini house wardrobe storage ideas


hanging clothes hangers for babies room


wooden babies clothes storage decor

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