February 22, 2024

10 Cute Ways To Use Kite Decoration At Home

The kite and summer seasons almost come together, and if you don’t have time to play outside, why not bring them inside the house? Unique kite decorations are a favorite of many people. Maybe this time you know the kite only be used to play games and wedding party decorations. They are more than that, these paper crafts can also be transformed into home decor that is no less attractive especially during summer. For this reason, some of the kite DIY projects will inspire. When you want to place them in any room, you can combine several kites at once by providing a good arrangement so that the room looks more attractive.

Not only as a decoration, kites can also be as a toy. Put one in your child’s bedroom that will beautify the look of the room. Here is a cute way to use kite decorations to house, please browse for your favorite ones.

1. Wall decoration

Kite wall decor is the easiest way you want to display it. Place the wall anywhere in your home and set From such fine the way you want to display them. The unique kite design is very instrumental to add to the aesthetics of your home.

2. Fireplaces

This fireplace has a vintage design that matches the kite decoration. Hang the kite directly above the fireplace and decorate it with some other ornaments suitable for kids rooms.

3. Nursery wall

Let your babies dream and chase their kites when they want to sleep. These are kite banners that look adorable in nursery rooms.

4. Wreaths door

Summer has arrived, it is time you use bright colors to welcome him with joy. Start at the front door and don’t forget to give a bouquet of flowers. A classic but adorable touch is seen from this front door with a kite wreath.

5. Porches

This season would not be complete without the flowers are blooming. Start decorating your terrace with favorite plants and flowers and add kite decorations to create a pleasant feeling of freedom.

6. Plants

Still about plants, in addition to being a decoration, kites can also be used as a plant buffer that will make your plant collection look more attractive.

7. Headboards

This idea is for those who like kites. Decorate the head of your bed with kite decoration that will make a unique impression on the room. Choose a different color and shape for the kite and set it above the headboard.

8. Party bannersĀ 

It’s not too late to be patriotic. Use the kite themed banners Independence Day to make your party more cool. You can also use different kite themes like birthdays or other celebratory parties.

9. Hanging centerpieces

Create a bright and pleasant dining room by hanging kites as centerpieces. You can also use them when you want to invite a few friends want to have a party or celebration.

10. Window

Finally, there are window decorations using kites. This idea feels vintage and when the wind comes in from your window you will see a kite flying.

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