Inspiring 1960s Hoerboard DJ Stand With Record Storage Space

inspiring 1960s hoerboard DJ stand design

If you include record collectors then do not miss this one. The new piece of furniture that can accommodate up to 350 records and has a stunning retro design. This item is a storage space and a creative DJ space at once for party lovers. The “Com.Four” DJ stand from Hoerboard 1960s combine inspiration with functionality and storage space. Designed as a sideboard, which can be retro-style workstation offers space for about 350 records. Its form will alert us to the various pieces of IKEA flat-pack. Elegant multiplex surface comes in black or white matte, makes the DJ stand is very strong and durable.

hoerboard DJ stand with record storage space

Hoerboard actual dedicated to exquisite German craftsmanship. Smart design and user-friendly of the DJ table and allows you quickly to the assembly. Featuring an exchangeable insert which can also host CD players, the ‘Com.Four’ can be configured to house turntables in ‘battle’ or ‘classic’ mode, catering to a little extra bit of freedom and flexibility for DJ’s and their equipment. Such a stylish piece is a must for every retro lover, at least to place all your records there and I think this furniture collection will be difficult for you to miss it away!

1960s sideboard DJ stand with cd player storage


hoerboard DJ stand organization

source: digsdigs

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