Wonderful Seaside House by De Blacam and Meagher Architects

seaside house balcony

This wonderful seaside house is a treasure Irish. Located in region Coliemore Harbour, Dalkey, Dublin. Built on two levels by Irish Architects duo, Shane de Blacam and John Meagher from De Blacam and Meagher Architects. Construction building is more linear than vertical, interior is also more work on space and texture to avoid crowded decoration. For lower level house is spa, cinema and accommodation for guests. Living room, dining and bedroom are at superior level of the house, all connected to the lower level through glass adjacent with stairs. Previously I was a little worried and I generally do not use glass, I think they are not safe when little kids running around the house but this seaside house design is really like glass floor that connects two blocks of superior level. Check out beach house picture below and get more about them!

wonderful seaside house designs


seaside house by De Blacam and Meagher


seaside house ideas


seaside house balcony nights


seaside house interior glass


seaside house decoration


seaside house stair glass

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