January 24, 2022

Luxurious Waterfront House by Michael Haverland Architect

waterfront house

Luxurious Waterfront House designed by Michael Haverland Architect located on East Hampton (New York).

From the initial approach, this house appears to be two opaque volumes. They are articulated with textured concrete panels, hand cast from computer-generated 20″ x 20″ foam molds and made from sand from the site, establishing a contextual connection with nature and the land. Two dynamic patterns, one horizontal and one vertical, weave together to create a complex plaid that captures light and shadow on the curvilinear forms. The panels clip to masonry walls and act as a rain screen.

Once closer, an elevated courtyard is revealed, and a gap between the two rectangular volumes exposes the steel and glass entry. The gradual sequence from grade to the front door leads to the second floor where the main spaces are elevated to capture water and sky views. Once inside, fourteen-foot steel and glass windows and doors open to the water views and landscape. An arcade of stucco piers on the south facade protects the windows and provides sunshade.

Laurie Lambrecht, Paul Warchol

Ben Krupinski Builder

Architectural Digest, October 2009
Perspectives on Design New York, 2011
SNAP, August/September 2012
Luxury Home Quarterly, Fall 2012

waterfront house wall


waterfront house sitting area


waterfront house pool


waterfront house open bedroom


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waterfront house living glass


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waterfront house by michael haverland architect


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waterfront house architecture


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