Treehouse World of Living by Baumraum

treehouse world of living

Treehouse was designed by the German company, Baumraum for construction, residential and Adventure World of Living in Rheinau-Linx, near the French border. The project which was amazing for visitors and emphasize the innovative orientation of the tree house. The treehouse is embodied in a company internship workshops in cooperation with external partners. Tree house rests on a static system and the complex sloping, cone-shaped support made ​​of Siberian pine, while the terrace and stairs supported by oak with steel ropes and webbing weight belt.

Curved interior welcomes visitors to view the wallpaper, oak crown motive in the same place. In this photo there is a block text in German language, English and French, which illustrates that associative tree is special creature in all its diversity. Even after a longer stay in tree house you will find another word games, hidden among leaves. The interior is made of native oak, are integrated in the rotating chair of drawers that can be used either as a table for meetings and storage. Two skylights and large windows on all four sides allow views in all directions at park and in the tree crown.

treehouse wooden stairs


treehouse by Baumraum


treehouse night lighting ideas


treehouse decoration


treehouse architecture


treehouse with skylight view


treehouse with guest room


treehouse floor plans

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