Casa Proa: Triangular Tree House With Tropical Vibes


Casa Proa or in Portuguese is a bow house, designed by atelier marko brajovic with a creative process inspired in the modulation of triangles on different scales and treehouse typology. Fills the volume of an equilateral triangle measuring 6x6x6 meters located on Praia do Rosa beach in Paraty, Brazil. Perched amongst mango trees, colonial houses and boulders, on steep seaside terrain.

This tree house has a regular structure that occurs from the intrinsic properties of its constituent particles to form a repeating symmetrical pattern along the main directions of three-dimensional space in matter. Triangles and triangulations are at the core of the organization of natural special forces in dynamic balance.


There is a tetrahedron that resembles a pyramid shape with four sides, including the reasons. It is the most stable and space-filling structure, even the simplest structural system in nature. The redundancy of triangular geometries in floor plans and sections, as well as in the tetrahedron roof system, encourages structural strategy and perception. The architecture organizes compact living spaces which are modulated in further sub-triangles and create as much visual pattern in space and finishes.





Inside, the master bedroom is the center of the house, behind it the kitchen and on the triangular side of the entrance with the bathroom opposite. The terrace is in the front opening as an arc to the sea and wide branches measuring 1 meter wrap around both sides of the house.

The furnishings are designed in an eco-friendly design and from recycled materials, the curtains are made from local shrimp fishing nets and the wall lamps are developed from traditional bronze boat drains. The house is mounted on extended pillars similar to a “branching system”, at first glance almost tree-like and practically floating in a tropical plant landscape with access to a private beach.









designer: atelier marko brajovic

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