Loft 24-7 Open House in Brazil

loft 24-7 open house

Loft 24-7 represent a spacious 2,700 square feet, removing the barriers between indoor and outdoor living into a charming concept. This house was designed by designer Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados in Casa Cor exhibition held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Contemporary interior design refers to natural elements with intensive use during the day and open spaces that blur the boundaries of nature and architecture into one harmonious and beautiful environment.

Walking in this house is like being outside. Seen growing environmental awareness and the desire to be close to nature. Marques put his design philosophy to the concept of display between the villas and modern houses inspired by one of his favorite masters, German architect Mies van der Rohe.

loft 24-7 outdoor ponds


loft 24-7 outdoor dining room


loft 24-7 open space ideas


loft 24-7 open house in brazil


loft 24-7 open dining area


loft 24-7 master bedroom


loft 24-7 livingroom design


loft 24-7 living area


loft 24-7 library furniture


loft 24-7 kitchen area


loft 24-7 interior design


loft 24-7 bedroom library

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