Two Houses at Nichada with Different Concept

industrial living room design

The different concepts seen from Two Houses at Nichada Village in Bangkok, Thailand, offer two completely different perspectives on interior style. Designed by Alkhemist Architects to meet the needs of two brothers who want to live close to each other, this unique project shows how two different interior designs can side by side with each other, even the two have the same red threads. Two main buildings connected by a terrace and pool area, and a living room becomes the focal point visually connect with others using the sliding door. At first glance the two houses do look similar from the outside, but they present a completely different look as you step into the room.

The first belonged to his brother’s residence in the style of a cooler, more contemporary with white, gray and blue as a background. This reflects a man who enjoys the outdoors and is a golfer, this house features an open living room that flows into the pool area, and the bedroom on the upper level also appears to be connected to the public spaces in the lower area. The second house is owned younger brother with more or less the same floor plan, but her sister is more pleased with dark industrial style, the perfect home for entrepreneurs who like to party the night club.

two houses with street facade


modern and industrial living room with wood element


cozy open plan living space with exposed brick wall


wooden dining room with ambient lights


wooden table for kitchen and dining area


outdoor brick wall with staircase design


cozy indoor and outdoor interior with pool design


indoor outdoor living space with swimming pool


outdoor patio and pool area with brick wall


two houses with large sliding glass doors


nature two houses with unique roof


awesome open plan interior design


modern staircase with two different wall features


nature outdoor entryway and parking area


wooden deck living area with water features and nature surrounding


modern entrance two houses at night


amazing two houses with lights in the pool

source: decoist

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