Cozy Mini House Designed by Michelle de la Vega

mini house designed Michelle de la Vega

Mini house has undergone renovations of old garage became very cozy. Designed by visual artist and space designer Michelle de la Vega is fully functional as a living room with sleeping loft. Michelle took most of the fixtures and furnishings are custom rebuilt or salvaged, refurbished in addition a few people. Original structure have additional 4 feet, and the square footage added to original trail to bathroom. This tiny house adapting vintage design with wood floors and walls, rustic touch is also seen in traditional style fireplace. Michelle also sells a set of architectural plans for house, he opened a design consultancy for people who want to build their own mini house like hers. Take a look at the following mini house ideas and you may be interested!

mini house sink designs


mini house with vintage cabinet


mini house accessories


mini house with traditional fireplace


mini house renovated ideas


mini house with small bathtub


mini house kitchen and pantry


mini house backyard garage

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