September 27, 2023

DIY Pink Cactus Pot Makeovers

DIY pink cactus pot ideas

Simple DIY projects are fun agendas for this year, #12monthsofmartha collaboration with Martha Stewart has produced a DIY pink cactus pots beautiful makeover. Exceptional potted plants and would like to have one at home, because pink is my favorite color. Here’s what Melissa said about the project.

“When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with succulents and cacti. Years later, the trend returned (unless you live in Arizona) and I could not be more excited to see it make a comeback! Andy made me this succulent arrangement for my birthday in January and it’s still going strong.  The pot was originally spray painted white, but I was ready to give it a pretty-in-pink revamp so it could match the aesthetic of my new office makeover. You would not believe how easy this DIY was to create! With a little bit of paint, a paint brush, and some washi tape, I was all set up for success. And the coolest part?! It literally took me under 5 minutes!”

DIY pink cactus pot equipment

First you need to prepare a clay pot, Pink Dahlia multi-surface acrylic craft paint, and paint brushes. So it is very easy for you to get!

DIY pink cactus pot makeover

Then slowly pour your paint into a small bowl and stir with paint brush. Let the mixed evenly and you are ready to start the fun part.

DIY pink cactus succulent pots

To get a perfect clean line, use washi tape below the line you would like to paint, and get started! The washi tape does not take off any of the paint.

DIY pink pot design

Here you can grow your favorite plants and cactus arrangements, or flowers with beautiful colors. DIY pink pot you can place it anywhere in any part of house.

DIY pink cactus succulent arrangement

Very pretty is not it? This is DIY pots are very easy for you to create, so immediately have them potted house plants for you!

source: marthastewart

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