21 Easy And Colorful DIY IKEA Tarva Dresser Hacks


IKEA is one of our favorite furniture products. They are truly a paradise for DIYers, and I’m always surprised by the variety of their creations and ways to hack and use them into interiors. With a clean design covered with a beautiful wooden surface, the Tarva vanity table is the perfect blank for the easiest DIY projects and makeovers.

This timeless dresser is always appealing to any interior style, and there’s no limit to how you can hack it. From painting and spraying them, painting the artwork, and of course changing the knobs because this is the most practical way to enhance decor. I love Tarva dressers with beautiful colorful touches, they can be minimalistic, retro, modern, Scandinavian, and some color combinations look great for a kid’s room.

Inspired by the many creative people who have added various colors and turned them into something that expresses their own unique style, here are Tarva’s most eye-catching DIY dresser hacks!


Adding paint and painting colors

If you like a bright room, there are plenty of bold colors to choose from. Create any color you like the way you like, from solid colors, ombre effects, gradient colors, geometric patterns, or any other painting and stencil you like. Use inlays, trim, stickers, wallpaper, or even brightly colored upholstery to decorate the vanity. If you’re creative enough, give it a new look such as changing handles, knobs, or uniquely styled pulls that you might like. So, prepare to be inspired by the various colors of Tarva dressers below!










Create your favorite colors

Needless to say, adding color is the easiest way to enhance any d├ęcor. Tarva dresser is made of wood which has always been popular for all time, and because Tarva dresser is equipped with bright colors, you can create a variety of richer and deeper colors. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, a combination of white, black, pink, blue, brown and various other colors will create a different feel on your dresser.

Add more contrast if necessary, change the handles and knobs, and then choose an eye-catching vanity leg. Pastel colors are popular nowadays, creating stencils, geometric patterns, lines, and more. There are so many different colored Tarva vanity hacks ideas you can try at home.











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