15 Industrial Vintage Bathrooms

vintage industrial bathroom design

The bathroom is an important part of your home. Every morning when we wake up, bathroom is the first place we visit. Likewise when we come home from work or activity, bathroom is the perfect place to relax and shower. This makes bathroom decor needs serious attention in order to reflect the style and desires. Vintage and industrial is the right combination to start your plan, your style reminiscent of the old days were wonderful and made us feel like have to travel through time. The furniture is old also great for interior as it has a stunning visual appeal. One of the other challenges in realizing your dream bathroom is limited space, so you need to plan well since the beginning. Attractive color combination is also very important, brown and other colors look stylish vintage and industrial. Wood is a material that many are often used for the frame, such as mirrors, doors and windows. Here are 15 industrial vintage bathroom that will bring you to the past, congratulations to reminisce!

wooden industrial bathroom


white industrial bathrooms


vintage indutrial bathroom decorations


vintage industrial bathtubs


vintage industrial bathroom sink


vintage industrial bathrooms


vintage industrial apartment bathroom


loft industrial bathrooms


industrial bathroom washbasin


industrial bathroom storage ideas


industrial bathroom sink ideas


industrial bathroom showers


industrial bathroom radiator


industrial bathroom lamps

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