December 1, 2021

20 Chic and Fun Roof Gardens

balcony and rooftoop gardening

As the times and the increasing population of today’s society, more and open space around the place we live is depleted. For you who have a yard or a large rear garden may not be too worried, but what if you only have limited space. Roof garden is a solution to provide free space for us to express the family, relax or interact. I am very happy to share 20 chic and fun roof gardens, roof garden can be a favorite place to spend time, with a relaxed and calm atmosphere, without interruption. Requirement to make roof garden is not too complicated. Conditions of flat or sloping roof is not a problem. Land for the roof to be made to the park was also no benchmark, as well as the existing space in the bottom of the garden. So you can freely arrange the roof garden as you wish, take a look at the following collection of rooftop garden and get inspired!

modern urban rooftoop gardens


harlem rooftoop garden ideas


rooftoop garden views


beautiful rooftoop garden decorations


wooden rooftoop garden furniture


japanese rooftoop gardens


bench set roof gardens


future rooftoop garden


simple rooftoop garden furniture


small country rooftoop gardens


roof gardens with ponds


incredible rooftoops garden


roof deck with outdoor fireplaces


amazing stone rock roof gardens


summer roof garden lights


outdoor roof gardens


chic roof gardening


small rooftoop gardens


roof garden decor ideas

source: pinterest

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