25 Scandinavian Apartment Design To Copy Right Now


Currently, many people prefer to live in residences with modern minimalist concepts such as apartments. In addition to being part of today’s lifestyle, the convenience and ease of access provided while living in an apartment is a solution in the midst of dense population in urban areas. Even though apartments are synonymous with limited space, providing a visually appealing layout and theme is sure to make anyone feel cozy.

One of the interior styles that is often applied to contemporary homes, especially apartments, is the Scandinavian style. This style is perfect for those of you who want a minimalist room but still reflects a modern impression. Currently, Scandinavian interior styles are often used for all apartment designs, from the smallest types such as studios to the presidential suite which is the largest type.

Scandinavian interior style emphasizes modern concepts in simplicity, so that it makes anyone feel comfortable. Apartments with natural nuances often use minimal furnishings and decorations. There are plenty of ventilations that let in natural light in the Scandinavian apartment, making it eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Spacious layout and bright lighting are the characteristics of this apartment. So, are you interested in applying it to your interior? Here are some tips and inspiration!


Use neutral colors

Most Scandinavian-style apartments apply neutral colors such as white or gray. In this case you can choose furniture with a color that matches the wall paint. However, it is possible you can combine it with other colors as long as it is not too flashy. The effect of using this neutral color will make the room feel wider and create a bright space.


Use of natural materials

In addition to determining the color, another element that is identical to the Scandinavian style is the use of natural elements such as wood. This element can be applied to furniture to the apartment floor or other decorations. The existence of this natural material will give a warm impression to the room because of the effect of the use of wood elements.


Maximizing natural lighting

Natural lighting is able to bring a beautiful feel to a Scandinavian apartment. Besides saving energy, placing windows and doors open makes the room feel spacious. You can add extra lighting such as bright lights for a large room, thus adding a natural impression. Meanwhile, for a small room, use dim lights to make it seem warm, calm and cozy.


More accessories to beautify the interior

You can add various types of accessories to enhance the interior appearance. Although dominated by neutral colors, the placement of these accessories can liven up the atmosphere. For example, brightly colored pillows, carpets, wall hangings, and even paintings are the main attraction for Scandinavian apartments.

Here are our favorite Scandinavian apartment designs to inspire you!





















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