15 Recycled DIY Cat House Ideas To Copy


Even though cats are active pets, they usually like to spend half their time napping. Instead of building a large and expensive cat house, your cat will prefer to play on a cardboard box. In an effort to increase the comfort and happiness of our cats, making DIY cat houses from recycled materials emerged as a creative and environmentally friendly solution. Not only does it provide a pleasant resting place for cats, but it also re-uses items made from materials available at home. This creative idea not only supports sustainability but also brings happiness to pets.

Showing your love for pets can be done in various ways, such as building a DIY cat house that will change the way we look after pets. This makes it easier for cat owners to provide a safe and comfortable place for their cats, which reflects the love and care that cats are also part of the family. Be prepared to think outside the box to create a special place that your cat will love, and you’ll never know these recycled materials can look so beautiful. Scroll down to copy!

1. DIY cardboard cat house with lots of colors.


2. An old standing suitcase that is ideal for your beloved cat’s nap.


3. A cool old speaker is transformed into a cat house and fun play area.


4. Cats always like to be under your bench or seat. So, why not build a cat house underneath?


5. A simple teepee cat that you can make in just a few minutes.


6. A simple DIY IMAC cat house that gives a classic look to the room.


7. This gingerbread cat house is made of cardboard.


8. Minimalist DIY cat house made of plywood.


9. Easy DIY cat house that kids will love.


10. Adorable palm spring cat scratch house.


11. This is a cool cat castle made of cardboard.


12. Old furniture is always an attraction, such as an old TV that has been converted into a cat house with a vintage feel.


13. A bit extreme but really looks masculine for a cat house made of barrels.


14. DIY cat house teepee from an old TV tray.


15. Easy DIY cat house out of a T-shirt.


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