10 DIY Motorcycle Helmet Storage You’ll Must Try


Lovers of two-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles certainly have their own way to make life more enjoyable. Starting from their lifestyle, how to dress, to decorating their rooms with a masculine nuance. As it develops, motorbike lovers are not only dominated by men, many women follow this style because they are free to express themselves. A garage is probably the first thing you should have to store your favorite motorbike collection, but have you ever found this room often messy because helmets are scattered everywhere? There’s no denying that helmets are important accessories that can’t be separated from street style, and maybe it’s time to start tidying them up.

Some helmet racks so far may not be pleasing to the eye, especially if you have a large collection of motorcycle helmets that require more storage space. Buying a helmet rack or cupboard might be an easy solution but making it yourself in the style you want will give you satisfaction. Here are some cool DIY motorcycle helmet storage projects that you should try. From utilizing vehicle parts to the most loved industrial helmet racks, find your favorite helmet rack ideas here!

1. Reuse wrench


The spanner is certainly no stranger to automotive lovers. This key is important when you want to repair the mator so that the spanner is often damaged. Instead of throwing them away, you can now reuse them as helmet rack hooks.

2. Industrial look


Industrial style is always synonymous with a real man, so this style is perfect for storing helmets. From natural wood accents combined with metal piping, this helmet rack looks cool against a dark wall background.

3. Rustic style


The older the decoration looks, the more beautiful it will be. Combined with an industrial-style helmet rack, bring a rustic style into your garage by placing an iron pipe rack against a vintage-style wooden wall.

4. Wall mounted rack


A wall-mounted helmet rack is a practical solution to space constraints. Pair wooden boards with iron shelves to display your helmet collection. Posters and masculine photo frames will complete it.

5. Helmet cabinet


If you are creative enough instead of just making wall shelves, why not create a special cabinet for various helmet collections? A helmet storage cabinet will give you more space depending on your needs.

6. Iron plates rack


This helmet wall rack design really doesn’t take up much space in the room. It consists of lots of helmet storage attached to an iron plate so no matter how many helmets there are, they will be easily seen and found.

7. Chain helmet rack


One more part of the vehicle that can’t be missed for helmet storage ideas, especially if it’s not a motorcycle chain. Paint or color the chain and then mold it into a cool helmet wall shelf. You may need a welding tool during the manufacturing process.

8. Piston helmet rack


An even simpler idea, you can use the piston part of the vehicle as a wall shelf. The piston already has a practical and strong shape to be used as a helmet rack. Add a wooden plank as the base for the wall and then attach the piston using a drill and screws.

9. Classic helmet storage


There is no limit for motorbike lovers to like any motorbike style, including classic motorcycles that are timeless. Because this is a classic, the design of the helmet rack is also unusual, namely using a unique, classic rack style.

10. Iron helm cabinet


This helmet rack is made of iron so it is very sturdy in storing several collections of helmets at once. Even though it only consists of one part with many tiers of shelves, it will not reduce its strength factor.

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